Welcome to a new episode of the Evolving Media podcast. In today’s episode I’ll be talking to Claudia Rinke, who’s a bestselling and award-winning aut...View Details

For almost a year the COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of obstacles not only for our everyday life, but also for creatives and producers all ove...View Details

In this episode we do a deep dive into the world of documentary filmmaking and the change (some would say long overdue change) that we're witnessing a...View Details

Some of my formative media years were spent in the TV format industry, which back in the days was a creative hotbed for new ideas with the potential t...View Details

These are surreal and horrifying times we're living in, and I hope each listener to this episode are safe and sound. I've seldom felt that a podcast e...View Details

In this episode of the Evolving Media podcast I’m joined by Topaz Adizes, writer, director and experience designer. Through the experience design stud...View Details

Today I’m joined by Michael J Maguire, i.e. @clevercelt, Creator, Founder, Teacher, Speaker and much more. With a career spanning decades in everythin...View Details

In this episode of the Evolving Media podcast we’ll be talking about the world of social media - where we’re going, how it can be utilised best and wh...View Details

In this episode we meet with Lucy McRae, body architect, filmmaker, science fiction artist, innovator and all around a person who pushed the boundarie...View Details

In this episode of The Evolving Media Podcast my guest is Nicole van Schaik from Doc Society and the Good Pitch Network. One of the greatest goals any...View Details

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