These are surreal and horrifying times we're living in, and I hope each listener to this episode are safe and sound. I've seldom felt that a podcast episode I've made been more pertinent than this one though.

We've talked about the Collective Journey ( on this podcast before. Never had I thought I'd experience the entire world living one out as we are today. I'm very happy to be able to have a new chat with Jeff Gomez for this episode. Join us as we dive into what this all means, and how we can help our collective story play out in a way that will benefit humanity on the whole. 

Do join in the discussion! Hit me or Jeff up on any social media platform where you can find us, or comment on this episode. Let's make the best of this!

Music used in the episode:

Chris Zabriskie: Readers! Do You Read?
Available on a Creative Commons 4.0 License here.

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